Kubernetes Buzzwords

All recipes are only as good as the ingredients. In this session, we will discuss the concepts behind Docker container orchestration with Kubernetes using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Kubernetes has become a prevalent and integral part of the Cloud Native ecosystem. With so many changes in this ecosystem, how can you keep up? Many may find this very challenging. 

Kubernetes orchestration is powerful by itself, but let’s take a step back to look at one of the fundamental resources used – specifically, the Docker images that will become the running containers of your service. The Docker Registry you choose to store and pull your container images will potentially have an effect on the success of your deployments in any environment. The capability of JFrog Artifactory to serve as a private Docker Registry for use throughout your AKS infrastructure will help to increase your confidence in the security of your Docker images and the reliability of your builds and deployments.

This session is designed to get attendees up to speed with the latest Kubernetes initiatives as well as give some thought to the quality of the essential building blocks of their systems.